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    Ncli routes need URGENTLY



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    Ncli routes need URGENTLY

    Post  Marchin on Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:59 pm

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    Country/City Volume
    Afghanistan-cellular 82k
    Algeria-cellular 34k
    Angola-cellular 5k
    Aruba-cellular 5k
    Azerbaijan-cellular 5k
    Benin-cellular 5k
    Bosnia Herzegovina-cellular 5k
    Bulgaria-cellular 5k
    Burkina Faso-cellular 89k
    Chad-cellular 5k
    Chile-cellular 5k
    Colombia-cellular 5k
    Congo-cellular 5k
    Dem. Republic of Congo-cellular 149k
    Ecuador-cellular 10k
    Gabon-cellular 5k
    Gambia-cellular 17k
    Ghana-cellular 5k
    Guyana-cellular 5k
    Haiti-cellular 10k
    Honduras-cellular 5k
    Indonesia-cellular 5k
    Iran-cellular 5k
    Iraq-cellular 5k
    Italy-cellular 5k
    Ivory Coast-cellular 5k
    Jamaica-cellular 5k
    Jordan-cellular 15k
    Kenya-cellular 5k
    Lebanon-cellular 47k
    Liberia-cellular 5k
    Libya-cellular 260k
    Macedonia-cellular 5k
    Mali-cellular 36k
    Mauritania-cellular 21k
    Moldova-cellular 5k
    Mozambiquev 38k
    Niger-cellular 5k
    Nigeria-cellular 33k
    Oman-cellular 5k
    Paraguay-cellular 9k
    Peru-cellular 78k
    Philippines-cellular 100k
    Rwanda-cellular 10k
    Saudi Arabia-cellular 295k
    Senegal-cellular 5k
    Sierra Leone-cellular 22k
    Somalia-cellular 5k
    South Africa-cellular 5k
    South Sudan-cellular 5k
    Sudan-cellular 185k
    Tanzania-cellular 6k
    Togo-cellular 5k
    Tunisia-cellular 5k
    Uganda-cellular 5k
    United Arab Emirates-cellular 6k
    Uzbekistan-cellular 5k
    Yemen-cellular 5k
    Zambia-cellular 5k
    Zimbabwe-cellular 14k

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