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    Hot offering India,BD,Ethiopia,Nepal NT direct route



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    Hot offering India,BD,Ethiopia,Nepal NT direct route

    Post  chinaskylinevison on Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:56 pm

    we are promoting the routes below ,

    India ncli 25% ASR,3.5mins ACD 1500 ports
    BD ncli 20% ASR, 2.8mins ACD 1500ports
    Ethiopia ncli 22% ASR, 3mins ACD 500 ports
    Nepal NT ncli 18%ASR,2.5 mins ACD 200 ports
    Pakistan Telenor ncli 25%ASR, 3mins ACD 200 ports
    Indonesia excelcom ncli 20%ASR,3mins ACD 300 ports
    Philippines globe ncli 20%ASR,2.8mins ACD 200 ports


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