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    Speedflow ITW Raffle: Play Small, Win Big!


    Olga Pustovoitova

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    Speedflow ITW Raffle: Play Small, Win Big!

    Post  Olga Pustovoitova on Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:25 pm

    We always get super-excited when the time for ITW comes! Speedflow has been heavily involved in the event for years now and each year we try to show all telecom, software and development clients that we are here to ensure their better future. We can easily be found on Booth #1006, Purple Level, East Tower for all partnerships and interconnections. But this year we got something extra for you.
    Apart from the cool, smiling people, Booth #1006 will greet you with a mystery box. The mystery box feeds on business cards. Be sure to drop your vcard too and cross your fingers as you may be the lucky winner of our raffle. The prize? A full MediaCore Licenses for 100, 300 and 500 concurrent calls absolutely free of charge. Yes, FREE! And if you are already a MediaCore user, we will make sure to add you this number of lines with no added cost.
    The raffle winner will be announced on 11th May, 13:00p.m. at the Speedflow Booth. See you all on ITW!

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